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EULAR WAD 2022 Webinar 
Topic: ‘Invisible Rheumatology – Why are we facing shortages and delays and how can we change this?’
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EULAR Brussels Forum 2020
Topic: Employment risks and impacts for Europeans with RMDs during the COVID-19 recession
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EULAR Brussels Conference 2019
Topic: A sustainable and effective EU health policy for citizens: Focusing on chronic diseases and inclusion in social and economic life
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EULAR Brussels Conference 2018
Topic: Bringing chronic diseases to the forefront of health innovation: From the lab to individualised health care
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EULAR Brussels Conference 2017
Topic: The future of health research and innovation after Horizon 2020 – Do we need a novel approach?
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EULAR Brussels Conference 2016
Topic: Reducing the burden of chronic diseases in the workplace. New policies for better working conditions and the retention of ill people at work
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Lees meer: EULAR Charter for Work.pdf

EULAR Brussels Conference 2015
Topic: Towards more integrated health care in Europe: strengthening patients’ access to cross-border care and health professionals’ mobility
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Wat is EULAR?
EULAR (European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology) is:
• een Europees samenwerkingsverband tussen:
-wetenschappelijke verenigingen
-organisaties van health professionals
-nationale patiëntenorganisaties.

Wie is lid voor Nederland?
Wij zijn als patiëntenorganisatie Nationale Vereniging ReumaZorg Nederland lid van EULAR voor PARE (People with Arthritis/Rheumatism in Europe).

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